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 Why should I???

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PostSubject: sulk sulk. ya?   Sun Nov 09, 2008 4:45 am

sadly at the most vulnerable stage, all these money minded industries exploit us. when u dont know where to go.
what to do. ok so if i dont get an engineering degree i will have to work on a construction site. and once ur in they'll keep ur certificates which i think is illegal according to the law. after admission just give it back to me mofos. who gave u the right to keep them? but hey thats not VTU thats our colleges.
so VTU should not be blamed?

they are learning from beaurocracy to keep it so divided as no one can be prosecuted easily.
they'll ask u why did u join if u had so many problems?

madame problems to fuck hone ke baad hi dikhti hai.
reval results next sem ke results ke saath hi kyun nahin nikalte ho?
cbse can retotal thousands of copies in months time but why will vtu do that ? they like all the abusive attention they get.

photocopy without retotaling, 500 bucks? ....dude wtf? plus its ur fault and i have to pay?
dont increase more than fifteen coz the teachers ass ur saving could be ur ass one day.

nothing is done because once people get through this traumatic experience they dont wanna entertain even one thought of V T U.
but its not just vtu its how the education industries are.
who will u blame? what can u do? that should be the direction. until then its all ... what?
i don know... afro

1) finish it fast and forget it as a bad dream.
2) do not No encourage others to take engg. in VTU ( anywhere actually )
3) or if ur really pissed pin point who do u wanna screw. and go for it.
4) kill all the teachers who gave u less than 15. friggin importance and power freaks.
5) burn ur labs and instruments, that always fail to work. ( i think those people especially make an effort to screw students through those instrus ) (god knows where does all the money they earn through management seats go)
6) lol! so smoke, listen to some trance and enjoy ur hibernation when u'll wake up probably everything will be beyond repair so no tension again.
7) or every once in awhile goto ur class and laugh on teachers who think ur screwing up ur life. Twisted Evil (* conditions apply)

that should keep u in a gud state of mind. after all its that state of mind which is important. what say? (not frm youngistaan)

i never pictured myself going to college at 7 in the morning. i should have gone to the himalayas and practiced some kundalini yoga if i wanted to wake up so early. but i had to see this to believe, meet those scary HODs and teachers who keep
agarbattees infront of their monitor put one balaji wallpaper and listen to 16 kbps mantras. doooode !

"life is a strulggle" .. heh morons on acid.

its like paying for getting raped. plaese rape me how much u want?
think about management and NRI quotas. they are really desperate.
just wait for all this to get all computerised then i think smart L33t people have some place to take out their frustrations.
we dont mind paying them u know. What a Face

*not the principal or the HOD
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PostSubject: its just not good for VTU to hold back an engineer for just one subject..   Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:14 pm

common VTU .. u can just mark as not cleared this sub in our marks card...
let the companies decide if we are good enough or not..
who are u to hold us back from graduating... that too with alll our precious time with our friends will be gone with the year back..
we will have to bend our heads in front of our juniors just because of one subject..
there is sooooooo many thing which we all undergo.. this is the worst thing any one can face in their life..
loosing friends.. and their batchmates...
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PostSubject: Re: Why should I???   Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:59 pm

Why should I read this subject?
whatz the use of it?
how is this subject related to my department?
Is this subject really necessary?

yes we all knw this issue under VTU.
we join engineering in a particular program..
say in my case IS.
i have lost 2important years of my life just because i didnt clear EC-electronic circuits.
i got my results today.. i got 4 in EC..
how can a valuator even think of giving 4 ?
this is gonna be a disaster for me ..
3 years are gonna get wasted.
i need to know if any one from VTU is there to think abt this issue.

why cant they just exempt and stamp in the marks card saying we were exempted in this subject.
let the companies who recruit us decide abt our abilities.
why is VTU stopping us from completing engineering.
please can any one help me come out of this issue.
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PostSubject: Re: Why should I???   Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:07 pm

What does this mean??
What again i gt mug it up?
Where is it applied?
Oh!! hell i m just an engineer on paper.. I don know anything..
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PostSubject: Why should I???   Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:15 am

Common thing that a VTU student asks himself.......

Why should I read this subject?
whatz the use of it?
how is this subject related to my department?
Is this subject really necessary?

Discuss your views on this topic in here...
If you also have asked yourself any of these question, then share it with us...
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PostSubject: Re: Why should I???   

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Why should I???
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